Our commitment to excellence starts well before any of our products are made. We start by seeking out the highest quality materials. It all begins with Horween Tannery, their reputation and 100yr old history is synonymous with high quality. 


Horween Leather

We are proud to source our leather from Horween Tannery, specifically their Chromexcel leathers. One of the first characteristics of the leather you will notice is the waxy, supple, broken-in feel, which is attributed to Horween's 100-year old tanning technique and formula. Their use of oils, wax, and greases gives the leather we use the beautiful "pull up" feature that you'll notice over time. Pull-up is the temporary displacement of these oil and wax blends that causes a lightening of the leather and allows a patina to be created. Manufactured in Chicago, IL with attention to detail and quality, Horween does not sacrifice quality. Neither do we.


Waxed Thread

Using polyester thread over cotton ensures durability. Julius Koch Ritza Thread, a braided waxed polyester thread is one of the strongest thread available. Because of it's waxed finish, it can withstand years of use and be water resistant.


Solid Brass Hardware

Solid brass is a strong and durable metal. Unlike plated steel, brass is not susceptible to rust or corrosion. The patina that is created on brass with wear is unique to every person.